Smartphone technical plus legal checks – How it works?

Deal Certify the smartphone technical plus legal checks

How to use the Deal Certify application?

First the seller has to install the Deal Certify application on the smartphone for sale.

The Deal Certify application is available on the usual application stores. For Android on the Google play store. For iphone the App-Store (coming by Q4-2016).

le contrôle technique et légal des smartphones d'occasion sur google playFor Android/Google

For iOS/iPhone (coming soon)

The Deal Certify application tutorial video:

How to perform a smartphone technical plus legal check?

Better than words, a video!! please find here below the deal certify video demonstration. It will show you how to realize a smartphone technical and legal check.

Also, you can check our web page how to sell my phone. This page shows how to make good sale of smartphone among individuals.

The IMEI verification, is this a must ?

The IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a unique ID of a smartphone. Worldwide operator, policies, insurance companies, smartphone manufacturer and mobile communication regulation have created databases where the device are registered bases on their IMEI. Using this official databases, the deal certify can makes the “legal” verification of the smartphone technical plus legal checks. To get more details about the IMEI we invite you to read the Wikipedia page.

IMEI verification technical plus legal check

How to understand the test certificate?

You want more details about the test certificate delivered at the end of the smartphone technical plus legal checks. You can read our page showing the test certificate explanations.

Test certificate delivered by the application after tests are completed

Share your Test Certificate URL in your advert and with your potential purchasers

After you get the test certificate you can add its URL to your advert or show it as a picture (better is to share the URL has it points to our secured server where the test certificate can’t be modified).

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Sale your Smartphone at best price and purchase sane smartphone in peace thanks to Deal Certify solution.

Deal Certify the pre-owned Smartphone technical plus legal checks.