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The DEAL CERTIFY application

Where can I get DEAL CERTIFY application?

DEAL CERTIFY application is available on Android Play Store. It is a free App, you can get a partial certificate for free as well. A full certificate costs 0.99$.

What is the benefit using the charged certificate compared to the free certificate?

The free certificate is limited in number of tests: display & touch screen, battery, Web and Data connectivity over WIFI and 3G/4G.
The Charged certificate is executing exhaustive testing. There are key functional testing such as text message and calls processed in addition to the Free certificate. In addition the Smartphone authenticity is also checked. This guaranty the Smartphone is not stolen and will not be rejected by operators.

We recommend sellers to first process a Free certificate to experience DEAL CERTIFY. But when selling a Smartphone. It is highly recommended to process a charged certificate.
Shoppers should mainly rely on charger certificate to get a clear status on device sanity.

The testing process and results

Which tests are performed by the application?

There are in total 30 points of check. We can group these points of check in 8 categories: Display, Authenticity, Battery, WEB, Call, Text message, WIFI, 2G/3G/4G.
These tests have been developed by a partner company expert in smartphone testing. Some of our tests are used by brands and operators to validate Smartphones. The authenticity testing results from international authorities and legal database review.

I already generated a certificate, Can I make a new test cession?

Free certificate can be changed easily by executing again the testing. Charged certificate can be modified within a 3h time limit. Otherwise, you have to purchase again a certificate and do a completely new one.

The certificate release and content

What is a Test certificate?

The test certificate summarizes all the tests results and marks them with a green, orange or red label. Moreover, there is a global rate, also reported as a red, orange or green label indicating whether the smartphone is respectively in bad, average or good state. The red label should warm the buyer that the device is probably not a good buy.
Additionally the test certificate contains all the device characteristics. Somehow the device advert is already written and ready to post !!

How to interpret a test certificate?

This is an indicator. It shows whether a Smartphone is properly working, if it is sane and not stolen.
As a buyer, when you get the smartphone in hands for the first time. You have to run again the deal certify application by yourself. Check results are the same and make your own verification. Especially the application is not able to verify the external shape (chocks, scratches, glass hint).
After these checks, you can purchase the phone if your are still happy.

What is the warranty given by DEAL CERTIFY?

DEAL CERTIFY value is to de-risk the purchase and increase the sale profit by creating a clear advert and make transparent the device status. DEAL CERTIFY checks the phone operation remotely. DEAL CERTIFY also checks the authority and legal databases. DEAL CERTIFY results should help the seller in the sale process by creating a clear advert and indicate to the buyer that the phone is actually sane.
If buyers are looking for a warranty, there are actually products available their costs is about 3.5% of our purchase.

How do I get a certificate?

You have to install and run the DEAL CERTIFY application on your smartphone. DEAL CERTIFY is only available on Android so far. The iOS version is coming soon.

Where is located the certificate ? How to use a certificate?

The certificate is hosted on a secured server. DEAL CERTIFY put high priority on security. To share it with potential buyers you have to send them the URL delivered at the end of your testing. You can also find your URL via MyCertificate menu within the application on your smartphone.

How to sell my phone at best price with full security?

You have to get a clear advert. To get it, we recommend you to run the DEAL CERTIFY App on the smartphone you wish to sell. Based on the certificate you get you should create your advert. The best way is to post the certificate in you advert (insert the URL) and simply invite the potential purchasers to click on the link. For full clarity, you better add details about price, deliverables, shipment details and physical shape of the device (scratches, hints…).
Then you have to choose the medium: web sites, newspapers where the advert would be post.

The deed of assignment contract

What is the deed of assignment contract?

The deed of assignment is a legal contract which date and act the change in property.
This protects both the Seller and the buyer about what has been done before the deal (for the buyer) and what can happen after the deal (for the seller). For instance there are insurance frauds, thief and legal issues which can be avoided thanks to the deed of assignment contract.

Is the deed of assignment contract mandatory?

For a full and perfect transaction we recommend both to the seller and the buyer to sign a deed of assignment contract.

The tests details

How is calculated the battery indicator?

Depending of the usage of the smartphone you can feel the battery life is too short or good enough. This is a subjective feeling.
Based on our expertise we have decided to rely on Android indicator. This indicator is set to same level for all Android phones. It analyses the battery health by checking battery indicators.

What is the WEB browsing test?

Based on DEAL CERTIFY expertise in device testing we focus here on the user experience. We check if the right web page is open, the speed to open it and the stability. Testing is web page we also make additional testing in background such as but not limited to CPU processing, browser execution and data management.