Test certificate details

What is the smartphone Test certificate ?

Test certificate is the proof of the smartphone technical plus legal checks sanity. It is generated by Deal Certify after the application has been installed and run on a Smartphone. For more details your can refer to our dedicated page about the application. link here.

Is the smartphone test certificate secured ?

The smartphone test certificate is stored on a secured server. The smartphone test certificate can not be modified.

What the smartphone test certificate prove ?

The smartphone test certificate proves the smartphone sanity: the Smartphone is not stolen, not lost, not a counterfeit. Deal Certify application checks the IMEI status. Thus it is guaranteed the smartphone will work at any operator in the world. to get more details about IMEI testing and verification you can read our technical plus legal checks page.

Furthermore, the smartphone test certificate is proving the smartphone operation. It shows the smartphone technical testing results: calls, text message sending and receive, web browsing, display and touch panel operation, battery health…

Last but not least, the smartphone test certificate shows the device specifications. These specifications have been directly collected on the smartphone during the testing. This is not marketing data that has been retrieve on database. This is real data collect on the device under test. Sometimes it show different value than the official smartphone marketing data…

How to read and understand the smartphone test certificate ?

demo certificatThe smartphone test certificate has four main sections:

  1. The test certificate identification
  2. The smartphone identification
  3. The test results and overall rating
  4. The device specifications

descritpion du certificat

What shall I check in the test certificate ?

First, in case you get the certificate as a picture you should ask the purchaser for the URL. The secured certificate is placed on a secured server. This is the place to check certificate.

Section 1: The test certificate identification

The date and time should not be older than a week.

when you receive the device, check the IMEI is the same. also, perform again the full testing using Deal Certify application.

Section 2: The smartphone identification

get clear this is the device you want to buy. Is this the right model? with the right specifications?

you can cross check using independent web sites such as (but not limited):

Section 3: The test results and overall ratingstatus line

This is proving the device operation and sanity. All should be green.

The line “Status” proves the device is not stolen, not lost not a counterfeit !!

others lines are the operation testing results.

Section 4: device specification

Here again, get clear the advert, your wishes and the device are all aligned.