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DEAL CERTIFY mobile application automatically tests device authenticity and operation

To make best profits you have to go thru individual to individual market. Clearly as long as you go thru representatives they are going to take off from 20% to 70% of your phone value. By representatives are the cash-in solutions (shops or web sites) and any exchange program you can get in shops (get a piece of of discount on a new phone by giving your old one) .

There are three channels to “sell my phone” with best profits among individuals:

  • Auctions web sites (Ebay,…)
  • Advertisement web site (Craighlist…)
  • Directly to friends or neighbors

But, using these way are not enough. To perform fast and profitable sale, it is mandatory to:

Sell 100% verified Smartphone for fast and most profitable transaction.

  • Prove the Smartphone operates correctly
  • Ensure the device is not stolen
  • List correctly device characteristics and functionalities

Thus, bad benefits, long time to sale, infinite questions and cancellations are avoided.

DEAL CERTIFY does automatically these three critical checks for you !!


Selling a Smartphone using DEAL CERTIFY will ensure best profits. The Smartphone specifications, functionalities and authenticity will be automatically verified. Direct benefits are: a clear advert, a verified Smartphone with an official proof it is going to be accepted by all worldwide operators.

Smartphone testsDEAL CERTIFY will check if the smartphone is Blacklisted or not. Blacklisted means the device has been reported as stolen or lost therefore it can be rejected by operators.

In addition DEAL Certify checks the device characteristics to ensure there are no mismatches between the advert and the device: Model, Name, functionnalities

Finally a DEAL CERTIFY performs a technical check on key functions: Call, text message, Web browsing, battery, display, touch screen…

How to use Deal Certify?

1/ Download the App from PLAY Store on the Smartphone you want to sell.


2/ After you launched the application,  select between a FREE or CHARGED certificate

Charged Certify makes exhaustive testing and especially verify the device Authenticity and its full good operation.

Smartphone testsThe FREE certificate is focusing on some key functionalities: Calls, text messages, Web, Touch panel, display, battery health and program execution.

4/ Follow the application guideline. If you have any issue you can visit our Q&A section.

02-Test auto

5/ When testing is completed a certificate is delivered.


6/ Based on the certificate, you can create an advert with verified information or simply share the certificate URL by Email or copy it on you advert.

Buy secured and cheap phonsIf you need further help using DEAL CERTIFY you can read our FAQ.

SELL MY PHONE action is almost completed, you have to wait for Seller auctions or offers. When the deal is agreed we recommend a last operation to you:


Deed of assignement to sell your phone

For a full and perfect transaction we recommend both to the seller and the buyer to sign a deed of assignment contract.
This protects both the Seller and the buyer proving the change in Smartphone property.

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